Master R.K's Quotes In English

1. Penance is nothing but working towards a goal

2. Thought Transformation: The only solution to all the problems

3. Clear thought- Clear result

4. Act fast!! But use common sense to prioritise your work

5. Know the Technique- Nothing is impossible

6. Learn the science of Spiritualism, you have learnt every thing

7. Crux of Spiritual Studies: Mastery over the 5 elements in Nature

8. All Alone you have to face your challenges in this nature

9. Problem and its solution coexist in this nature

10. Live according to the nature: Indian way of Spiritualism

11. 3:00 pm is the birth time of Elixir everyday in this nature. Hence, irrespective of the planetary positions, this is the auspicious time to begin any new work.

12. Hard work is the essence of GAYATRI. Hard work with faith and belief generates a favourable environment

13. You are solely responsible for your condition

14. The way you think, the way you transform!!

15. Human body is omnipotent. You need to identify that first!

16. True faith is my residence!!

17. You can address me the way you want to, as long as it is helping you progress. I don’t object you if you wish to call me SADGURUDEV

18. Your love towards me will always be reciprocated

19. Never work for me. Work for the Divine goals

21. My spiritual relationship is with this entire Solar system.But, this mankind had helped me many a times and so i always give them the top priority

OM SRI SRI RAMA KRISHNA SAMARDHA SADGURU DEVAAYA NAMAHA descends prosperity by creating the required electric and magnetic fields of spiritual consciousness to attain your goals

23. It is important to identify my goals, not me!!

24. Love is the only path- it is omnipotent

25. This is the time for humans and angels to work together

26. You will be obviously blessed by your Master if you are worthy. So, try to be worthy!!

27. The more you can attract- the more you can gain!! This is how you can prosper!

28. Outcome of approaching a Master should be becoming a Master. Anything other than that is useless!!

29. Master’s feet signify his path, hence the way we have to live!!

31. Absolute dedication is the only fee to any Master

32. Our Prime Goal: every Individual should be provided with the knowledge of Spiritualism

33. Development and progress are the fruits of kalpavriksha consciousness

34. Restricting one’s liberty is the only inhibition of any master

35. Think Big=Guru. He is always high in his thoughts and ideologies

36. If you understand the concept of “ Consciousness of prosperity” , you will be a leader, not a beggar!!

37. Unless you are determined to transform, no guru can help you

38. If you radiate Love, it will definitely transform the people around you to be you

40. You alone can change your fate. No one else could!

41. I take charge of you people for the next several births

42. Your stage in this evolution is what you have to learn

43. Master’s blessings can help you overcome your KARMA

44. The greatest offering to a Guru is the VOW OF TRANSFORMATION

45. Master’s photographs- Live Consciousness

46. Masters are here to teach Spiritualiism.We approach them for our materialistic desires.Pity!!

47. Teachings are important, not the master

50. Master’s name is powerful than the Master!!

51. Knowledge imparted by a GURU is important, not his physical presence

52. Live like a Lion- Execute all your responsibilities

53. India will definitely be reinstated as the world’s spiritual guru

55. Want to Stay closer with your Guru?—Read his books!!

56. NATURE IS ALWAYS RIGHT!!! –the only mantra to stay unaffected by all sorts of problems

57. Spend your Knowledge for the societal upliftment.This is the true way of worship that we call AARADHANA

58. One can never imagine the gratitude paid by a GURU for being a part of the divine plan

60. Individual Upliftment before Societal Upliftment!!

61. Breath control= Thought Transformation

62. Spiritualism is not absconding from your responsibities

63. Your relation with your GURU is ever existent in every birth of yours!!

64. The major cause of any problem is going against the NATURE

65. You can travel with your Guru only if you can grasp his ideologies and take part in his divine plan

66. The only solution to all the problems faced by this mankind is the revival of VEDIC DHARMA .Indians have a great role to play in this!

67. People without discipline are unfit to be spiritualists

68. Take up responsibilities, work to fulfil them- you will be the Richest!!

69. You will find the solution of any problem from within yourself. That is OMNI SCIENCE!!

70. JAPA_DHYANA_PRANAYAMA ie. Chanting-meditating-breath control are the important paths to accompany your Guru

71. Do what you have to do! Not what you want to do!!

72. You know the meaning of life, but you don’t know how to live!!

73. As above So below----The supreme mantra

74. You get what you give

75. Responsibilities will never be assigned! If you are a spiritual aspirant you will take up the responsibilities

76. You will always be assigned with a work according to your potential!

77. Indian Culture is synonymous to Divinity

78. Straight posture, Deep Breath, Meditation will help you elevate!

79. Spiritual aspirants should consume only saatwik Ahara i.e. poise diet. Diet influences the state of mind

80. Want to transform your mind? Transform your food habits. Diet determines your Mental potential .

81. Dedication and self confidence- key to success

82. The only reason for your prayers not yielding results is lack of WILL POWER

83. No gratitude – No happiness

84. Act quick- you achieve quick results

86. I just need you to work for 24 hours a day, not more than that

87. Truth is limited by ones knowledge. Expand your knowledge to understand the truth.Never be judgemental

88. People without self esteem and self confidence can never be spiritual aspirants

89. Lack of courage results in problems

90. Spiritual aspirants should be bold enough to travel in the path of divinity

91. Book reading is one of the easiest ways of self transformation

92. Spiritual aspirants should be hard workers

93. Your Guru is within thyself

94. Be earnest in executing your responsibilities- you will be out of MAYA

95. Use your potential for the benefit of the society, your spiritual potential expands!!

96. GAYATRI is the only way to revive the past glory of Indians

97. Character is your true wealth

98. Never forget the people who helped you

99. As you sow, so you reap—fundamental principle in spiritualism



102. “I” limits your consciousness. Overcome your ego to be Omni present

103. Not just Penance and prayers , lifestyle also matters!!

104. Spiritual pursuit is always voluntary

105. Hatred strengthens your karmic link with the ones you hate! Don’t hate!!

106. Desire free state ensures your progress in this evolution

108. Every mantra is a unique formulation of the powers in this nature.True science!!

109. Immortality can easily be achieved by proper Time management

110. True Love= Responsibility

111. If you are able to live with Inner Peace every moment, your existence in this evolution is assured

112. Balanced mind facilitates Yoga

113. Spiritualism ia a lifestyle.Like engineers and scientists have their own ways, spiritualists too have their own way of life

114. Swadhyaya is not simply book reading but it actually implies the practical implementation of what you have read!

115. Biographies of great souls should be the benchmarks of your lifestyle

116. Family responsibilities should be given top priority, then comes your spiritual life!

117. The purpose of visiting temples should be attracting divinity into thyself!!

118. Spiritualism is not just limited to your present life !! It is a carry over to every birth of your soul!